Pattaya one of the most famous nightlife cities of the world.

Pattaya one of the most famous #Nightlife cities of the world.

Pattaya bay 2

Pattaya Life is a site dedicated to the city of Pattaya, a Thai beach resort that is quite popular with tourists and expatriates alike. Pattaya City lies 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, facing the Gulf of Thailand. It is considered as one of Asia’s premier beach destination that attracts a lot of families, couples, and single visitors who want to relax and explore some beautiful sceneries.

Pattaya Life gives some information about the several parts or areas of the city:

Pattaya bay

Jomtein Beach:
This beach is a straight six-kilometer sandy beach that is located around two kilometers from South Pattaya and four kilometers from the city proper. The place is well-renowned among people who enjoy the tranquility of the area. The beach is also a peaceful place, considering the fact that property development of hotels, resorts, and condominiums.

Central Pattaya: Also known as “Pattaya Klang”, it is considered as the most popular beach among the city’s three beaches. The beach is well-known for its brown-red sand, attractive accomodation options, as well as all types of facilities and amenities. Beach activities in the area include banana boat, jet ski, and paragliding.

North Pattaya: Also known as “Pattaya Neu”, is located adjacent to Haad Wong Ammat. It begins from the Dolphin roundabout and right in front of Dusit Resort. It is regarded as the most quiet beach among the city’s three beaches.

South Pattaya: Also known as “Pattaya Tai”, is situated next to the southern end of Pattaya Beach. The area extends inland to the north and south of the South Pattaya Road. Furthermore, South Pattaya includes Pattayaland and Walking Street.

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