Angkor Wat, ‪#‎Cambodia‬


The large array of about 100 temples at Angkor were built
during the glory days of Cambodian (Khmer) power, from the 9th to the 15th centuries.

The term “Angkor Wat” is generally applied to the entire, incomparable Angkor site.
However, Angkor Wat itself, pictured above, is only the largest, best known, and most spectacular temple.
Gloriously preserved, Angkor Wat is a true marvel.


The Angkor Wat towers change color at sunset, captured in a video.
This image of three towers is on the Cambodian
flag, a symbol of both the country and the monument.

Angkor Wat was originally constructed to honor the Hindu god Vishnu at a time when the Hindu influence predominated.
Vishnu is still here, but wearing the robes of a Buddhist monk and looking like Buddha.
It’s fair to say that Angkor’s religious affiliation has evolved to match that of the Cambodian people.

The interior of Angkor Wat contains countless galleries of carvings, and these are also Hindu in origin.

From inside the temple compound, here are two Angkor Wat towers, which can partially be climbed.

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