Watermelon Day, Thailand


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When the humble watermelon takes centre stage from the provinces better known famous James Bond Island, which featured in the 1974 movie The Man with the Golden Gun. You not only get the chance to enjoy the water melons in all their glory, there is also a beauty contest, as well as exhibitions, including agricultural products, a food competition and beauty contest, all wrapped up in a carnival atmosphere.

Water Melon Day Facts about Watermelon you may not know

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Watermelon Is a Fruit and a Vegetable

Watermelons are related to cucumbers, pumpkin, and squash? That’s because it’s part vegetable and part fruit (it’s a sweet, seed-producing plant).

You Can Eat Watermelon Rind and Seeds

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Most people throw away the watermelon rind, but try putting it in a blender with some lime for a healthy, refreshing treat. Not only does the rind contain plenty of health-promoting and blood-building chlorophyll, but the…

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