New Thai Visa Privileges for Foreigners are set to Arrive Soon


Whether you’re an Expat living in Thailand or a Tourist just passing through, Thai Visas are always a concern. In recent years, Tourists from many countries around the globe have had to pay around 1,000 baht to get a single-entry 30 day visa, in order to visit the Land of Smiles. Around 30 to 40 countries worldwide are exempt from these visa charges but time limitations for how long visitors can stay in Thailand are still imposed for travelers receiving free Visas upon arrival.

All this is about to change however, as new Visa options will soon be available to Tourists. In an effort to boost Tourism in the Country, as well as improve the Nation’s economy, a new proposal has been approved whereby multiple-entry Visas to all visitors, regardless of their country of origin, will be made available upon arrival.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has approved this new proposal and according to Tourism Minister Kobharn Wattanavrangkul, the new Visa option will become available within 60 days. The cost of the new visa will be 5,000 baht and it will enable tourists to stay in the Country for a six month period and will also grant them the chance to leave and re-enter the country more than once during that time period.
Presently, multiple entry tourist visas are available at Thai embassies in other Countries, but with this new Visa option, things are going to be made a lot easier for tourists wishing to stay for longer periods of time, as well as for ex-pats who are in the unfortunate position of having to do border-crossing Visa runs.

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New 6 month Tourist Visa for #Thailand on the cards

Thailand Visa

Plan to grant multiple-entry visas to tourists from all nations.

Thailand is moving to grant multiple-entry visas to all visitors from any country in a bid to boost tourism and drive the economy.

Thai Im

Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said yesterday that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has given the green light to the proposal, which is expected to go into effect within 60 days after receiving Cabinet approval.

Currently, citizens of 30-40 countries can enter the Kingdom without a visa, but some other nationals are required pay about Bt1,000 to get a single-entry, 30-day visa.

Kobkarn said the new visa would allow holders to come into the country more than once, which is similar to what is applied by many other countries. The government plans to charge Bt5,000 for the six-month visa.

Tourism is the only industry that has continued growing in recent years while others are still suffering from the global economic slowdown.

Thailand is shooting for 28 million foreign travellers this year. Domestic and inbound tourism are expected to generate Bt2.2 trillion in revenue, or about 10 per cent of gross national product.

Last month saw 2.6 million arrivals, improving by 37 per cent from same month last year. China and Malaysia were the top source markets.

Development master plan

The Cabinet on Tuesday gave the nod to the Tourism Ministry’s three-year tourism development master plan aimed at boosting quality tourists and promoting sustainable development.

It would also relax travel conditions and increase cooperation with other countries, particularly Thailand’s neighbours.

Last week, Thailand and Myanmar agreed to waive entry visas at major airports for the citizens of the two nations journeying between the two countries by plane. They can stay up to 14 days.

The ministry will soon kick

off the development package including establishment of the Tourism Information Gateway to provide information to tourists before landing and while in the country.

The agency will also develop more attractions, train more human resources, increase security, publicise second-tier destinations and fill up business in the low season.

Last week, officials of five Mekong River riparian countries – Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia – met in Nay Pi Taw in Myanmar to discuss tourism cooperation under the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS).

The five nations are preparing to embark on the “Five Countries One Destination” campaign to boost travel to third countries.

Each country is assigned to lead one of seven areas including tourism marketing, product linkage, tourist exchange, tourism product development, tourism safety and private sector involvement.

The five nations will also facilitate visas and transportation, enhance capacity-building programmes for tourism professionals and tourism stakeholders, and champion green and responsible tourism in the ACMECS region.

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