Coron Island, Philippines

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When is the best time to visit Coron Island?

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There are 2 seasons in Philippines, one of which is stormy season (from June to November). The best time in this island is March and April which is the time of sunshine.

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How to get there?

You can get there by airplane or boat.

By plane: from Manila, you can take the plane to Francisco B.Reyes Island in Busuaga city.

By boat: there are many choices for you to choose the boat, such as SuperFerry boat or other boats from Manila to Coron.

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Where to visit?

Diving and coral seeing: Coron is famous for a lot of diving and coral seeing spots and white sandy. This is a attractive destination for people who like diving.

Having an excursion by boat: You will be served a lot of local food by friendly and warm-hearted local people in the excursion.

Subjugating Tapyas: this is one of the famous tourist attractions in the island. From the top of Tapyas, you can contemplate the very beautiful landscape of this area.

Coron island in philippines

Visiting Baclayon Museum and Runs Ermita ancient chapel: there are ancient castles which are totally remained here. They bear the Spanish style.

Going to Barracuda lake by boat: one of the unique point when travelling in this island is going to Barracuda lake by boat to enjoy the fresh water and romantic scenery.

Bathing in Banol and Banana beaches: they attract visitors with long beach, especially, there are not many tourists here.

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The Island Less Traveled – Koh Nang Yuan

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Koh Nang Yuan

Some places on Earth seem just too beautiful to be real. Koh Nang Yuan is one of those places.

The small island (actually three petite islands connected by a beach) often gets overshadowed by nearby Koh Tao, but those interested in taking a road less traveled are advised to listen up. If you’re looking for an escape to one of Thailand’s most pristine destinations, put Koh Nang Yuan on your to-do list immediately.

To reach the paradise that is Koh Nang Yuan, first you have to make your way to Koh Tao which is, fortunately, very easy. Ferries will take you to Koh Tao from a number of different places like Chumphon, Surat Thani, Koh Samui, and more. From Koh Tao, you have a simple 15 minute long tail boat ride to Koh Nang Yuan.

Let’s be honest, no matter how many times you ride a longtail boat, it never gets old. The humming of the motor, the sea breeze in your hair — it’s a classic Thai experience. Another option is to take the Lomphraya high speed ferry. Choose from high speed catamarans and speed boats, as well as snorkeling trips complete with buffet lunch on the island and a climb to a scenic viewpoint.

Koh Nang Yuan 1

Once you reach Koh Nang Yuan, it can be hard to find words to describe its splendor, so here are a few to get you started: breathtaking, magical, unreal. The glassy clear water shines radiantly alongside white sand beaches and grey stone boulders. It’s no secret how Koh Nang Yuan has been able to stay so stunning over the years.

The island’s dedication to environmental conservation has protected its natural beauty from the usual drawbacks of tourism. Plastic isn’t allowed on the island, and visitors are fined for bringing any. The result of this strict policy is a beautiful thing: the island has remained one of the cleanest in the country for generations.

Koh Nang Yuan 2

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El Nido Resorts – Miniloc Island – Philippines

El Nido Resorts - Miniloc Island 1

Miniloc Island Resort is set in a peaceful cove in El Nido, Palawan. Designed like a coastal village, the resort offers a wide range of tours and beach or water activities.

El Nido Resorts - Miniloc Island 2

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El Nido Resorts - Miniloc Island 3

Built with native materials, rooms feature thatched roofs and wooden flooring. Each air-conditioned room comes with a minibar, a wardrobe and a vanity area. Private bathrooms provide shower facilities and a hairdryer.

El Nido Resorts - Miniloc Island 4

Resort activities include diving, windsurfing and Hobie Cat sailing. Sunset cruises and cave, lagoon or mangrove tours are available. Guests can also enjoy the natural scenery and the tropical marine life in the waters fronting the resort.

El Nido Resorts - Miniloc Island 5

International dishes can be enjoyed at the restaurant, located at the Miniloc Clubhouse. Picnic lunches on the beach can also be arranged.

El Nido Resorts - Miniloc Island 6

Miniloc Island Resort can be reached via a 75-minute charter flight from Manila to El Nido Airport. Free transfers are provided from El Nido Airport, which is a 40-minute boat ride to the resort.

El Nido Resorts - Miniloc Island 7

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Four Seasons Resort, Koh Samui

Experience World-class Service at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui 

Four Seasons Resort 1

Surrounded by tropical grounds, Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is situated on the island’s northwest tip, a quiet oasis on Laem Yai Bay. Windsurfing, golf and a spa are featured.

Four Seasons Resort 2

Each room is equipped with a private infinity pool, private bar and iPod dock. Guests can enjoy views of the grounds or Gulf of Siam on the outdoor day bed. The bathroom’s glass doors open onto the private deck for an open-air bathing experience.

Four Seasons Resort 3

Chilled towels are offered at Koh Samui Four Seasons’ beachside infinity pool. Guests can recharge with a game of tennis, a variety of beach sports or a workout at the fitness center. A large book and DVD library is provided.

Four Seasons Resort 4

The hotel’s SIAMSEAS cruising boat offers access to Marine National Park and a variety of other locations. The resort is about a 30-minute drive from both Big Buddha and Koh Samui International Airport.

Four Seasons Resort 5

The Four Seasons’ restaurant serves fresh local seafood seasoned with exotic herbs from nearby grounds. Both Thai and international cuisine are offered. The Beach Bar serves a variety of tropical cocktails.

Four Seasons Resort 6

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Koh Samet: Thailand’s most underrated island

Koh Samet is a popular weekend destination for many people of Bangkok.

JUST 200 kilometres southeast of Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand, the small island of Koh Samet is fast becoming famous for its quaint, white sandy beaches bathed in crystal-clear waters and exotic corals.

Ko Samet

Most of the island is a national park, a thick jungle interior crouching beside the low-rise hotels. Unlike other popular Thai islands such as Koh Samui or Koh Phangan, Koh Samet has not yet been the victim of major development and construction, and its tourism industry is only beginning to emerge.

Ko samet 2

The interior road around the island remains rutted and largely unpaved, and checking out the island’s gorgeous beaches — most of which hide in small bays and stretch some 200m — is done by foot, by using the wooded trails skirting the coastline.

Ko samet 3

According to Philip Cornwel-Smith, a British expatriate expert on Thailand and author of Very Thai: Everyday Popular Culture, Koh Samet is a popular weekend escape from Bangkok — it only takes three hours by land to get there, without any need of flying.

Samet 2

“Samet is the closest truly gorgeous tropical island to Bangkok, so it’s a favourite weekend break for urbanites, especially gays, many on return visits.”

Ko samet beach 1

Ao Phrao is also one of the quietest beaches of Koh Samet, and an upmarket beach with no budget options and incredible sunsets.

“[They have] lots of couples and groups promenading on the fine white beach and swimming to the pontoon.”

“The beachside Silver Sands disco in Ao Phai is heaving on weekends, when you can spot so many gays from the Bangkok scene.”

Ko samet beach 2

There are various other things to do on the island apart from lazing on the beach or beach-hopping by foot. Scuba diving is fast becoming a popular activity, as well as boat trips around the island.

The small size of Koh Samet means it’s also easy to explore by bike riding or by hiring a motorbike/ATV, and it’s a great option to take advantage of in order to visit a few of the smaller more secluded beaches or the more naturally-forested areas further south of the island.

There are also several dining options, as well as a lots of bars and clubs to keep tourists occupied when the sun goes down.

Ko samet beach 3

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Cambodia, Sihanoukville Beaches

Cambodia, Sihanoukville Beaches

Sihanoukville town sits in the center of a small peninsula that juts into the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Several beaches of fine pearl-white sand line the shore around the peninsula, most easily accessible from town, each separated as much by character as the rocky headlands between. The main beaches are lined with thatch roofed seafood shacks and bars offering cold drinks, umbrellas and chairs, BBQ and more. Ochheuteal and Serendipity Beaches are the most popular and the busiest with plenty of nearby hotels, guesthouses, bars and restaurants.
A bit farther from town, Sihanoukville’s out-of-the-way beach Otres continues to grow in popularity, but is still maintaining its relaxed, laid-back vibe.
On the other side of town, Independence Beach, though small, offers a pleasantly tranquil atmosphere and beachside bbq shacks.

Cambodia - Ochheuteal beach
Ochheuteal and Serendipity Beach
Ochheuteal Beach is by far the most popular and touristed beach in town. Ochheuteal is long, sandy and comparatively narrow, with ‘Serendipity Beach’ at the arcing northern end, most of the southern half closed to the public, and a small cluster of beach restaurants at the pleasantly quiet far end. Most of the hotels, guesthouses and restaurants are on and around the northern half of the beach.

Otres Beach
Otres Beach is the next beach south of Ochheuteal and is similar in many ways. Like Ochh-euteal, Otres is a three kilometer cre-scent of white sand facing southwest. But Otres is somewhat more thinly touristed, offering a more relaxed, chill-out atmosphere. Beach shacks and guesthouses/bungalows line the near and far ends of Otres with the central section now public pack and open beach without any businesses.

Cambodia - Independence Beach
Independence Beach

Independence is the quieter, more relaxed near-town beach.
The beach is better than a kilometer long, but more than half is closed for a development project. A long slice at the north end remains open to the public – a lightly touristed 500 meter strip of sandy beach, sporting a dozen beach front BBQ huts, restaurants and bars including one of my favorites, The Small Beach Bar, from the same people as The Small Hotel in town, serving very good western food and Swedish specialties in addition to the usual seafood BBQ and such. A good place to escape the crowds of Ochheuteal Beach.

Cambodia - Victoria Beach
Victoria Beach
Victory Beach sits at the base of the popular Victory Hill. Victory Beach offers one of the best sunset views in town but unfortunately the beach is partially closed and there are no longer any bbq shacks or other vendors. Farther north along Victory the beach narrows and a few upscale seafood restaurants hug the water’s edge and a couple of casinos can be found on the beach road.
Above Victory Beach, Victory Hill offers a variety of guesthouses, restaurants and bars. Several places, both budget and mid-range dot the side of the Hill overlooking the ocean, some offering excellent sunset views.

Cambodia - Sokha Beach
Sokha Beach
Occupying all of Sokha Beach, the Sokha Beach Resort offers luxury accommodation and fine dining. Sokha Beach is a beautiful beach, a crescent of sand about one kilometer long and comparatively wide. The fine pearl white sand is perfectly groomed these days but the beach is fairly quiet, frequented primarily by resort guests. There aren’t any little seafood shacks, but dining gazebos and an up-market beach bar / restaurant run by the Sokha Beach Resort.

Cambodia - Ream Beach
Ream Beach
A distant beach, 27 kilometers north of town, Ream Beach is long and narrow, sitting at the edge of Preah Sihanouk (‘Ream’) National Park. The beach is largely untouristed and of very average quality. Long but very narrow with a mix of fine and coarse light tan sand.

Cambodia - Prek treng Beach
Preng treng Beach
Another distant beach, Prek Treng is a long, wide crescent of brilliant white sand a few kilometers north of town, offering comparatively warm shallow waters. The beach is in good shape, groomed and landscaped, but is usually all but deserted. Picnickers do show up on the weekends and sometimes during the week, but there are rarely more than a few groups there. Sometimes a couple of food shacks stand open at the near end. To get there follow Hun Sen Beach Drive north a few kilometers past the port area.Best to bring along some of your own drinks and snacks.   

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Patong Beach 4
Patong Beach

Phuket has many beautiful beaches and a lot of exciting activities can be found on this island. Phuket is located approximately 862 kilometres south of Bangkok. There are only two seasons in a year the green season (May to October) and the hot season (November to April). Phuket is divided into 3 administrative districts: namely, Mueang District, Thalang District and Kathu District. Phuket is one of the most important tourist destinations in Thailand with a wide variety of magnificent coves and bays, lush green hills, palm-fringed white beaches, secluded bays and forested hillsides, smaller surrounding islands, hospitable people, superb accommodation and seafood, delightful turn-of-the-century Sino-Portuguese architecture, numerous sporting and leisure opportunities – all of which combine to create delightful and truly memorable holidays. The most famous beaches of Phuket are Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala and Nai Harn Beach. These beaches are ideal for diving & snorkeling, sailing, golfing and all kinds of sports & entertainment.

Kamala Beach 4
Kamala Beach

Rawai Beach 4
Rawai Beach

Nai Harn Beach 4
Nai Harn Beach

Kata Beach 4
Kata Beach
Karon Beach 4
Karon Beach (View point)

Chalong Beach 4
Chalong Beach

Bang Tao Beach 4
Bang Tao Beach

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